SIMRAD | ES70 Fish finding echo sounder

The Simrad ES70 is a high accuracy professional single- and split-beam multi purpose fish finder.

• State of the art echo sounder for professional and semi-professional users
• High resolution – high accuracy
• Zoom function with biomass information
• Bottom hardness
• Innovative display gain functionality
• Seamless automatic range
• Automatic pulse length adjustment
• Unlimited number of personal settings
• Fast and easy operation
• Improved bottom detection functionality
• 24 hours “on-screen” history
• Menu system in multiple languages
• Up to six frequencies shown simultaneously
• Optimized for wide screen displays (16:9)

The ES70 screen capture shows the echogram provided by a Simrad ES38 split-beam transducer. An area of the echogram has been zoomed in. Additional information panes are used to reveal fish position and size distribution.