SIMRAD | PX MultiCatch

The PX MultiCatch sensor can be configured to be received on any PI/PS or SR receivers. When configured for PI of FS receivers it can measure Catch og Depth information.
Conrigured for SR receivers it can measure and send infromation about Catch of Depth and: Temperature, Roll, Pitch and Battery status.

Tilval: SIMRAD PX Sensor charger: kr. 3992,- u/mvg

General data
Max depth: 1400 m
Charging: 2-3 t
· Height: 300 mm
· Width: 155 mm
Weight in air: 6,5 kg
Weight in water: 3,5 kg
Communication transducer:
PI/SR Frequency: 39-50 kHz
Beam width: 60° (-3 dB) (*)
Source level: 195 dB//1uPa
Range: 1500–1500 m(*)
FA701 Frequency: 70–78 kHz
FA701 Range: 1200 m
(*) Typical data depends on local conditions
Update rates:
Update rate:
1.5 s to 30 s dependant om measurement, transmission mode and numbers functions selected:
PI/FS mode: 4–15 sec
SR mode: Slow, Normal, Fast
Available measurements:
Roll: ±90° (***)
Roll accuracy: ±2°
Pitch: ±90° (***)
Pitch accuracy: ±2°
Catch: ON Off (***)
Depth 1–1000m (Range is user selectable) (**)
Depth accuracy: 0.5% of selected range
Battery status: 0–100% (***)
Battery status accuracy: 1%
(**) Function availability depend on lid type
(***) Function acailable on SR type receivers only

27700,- u/mvg

34625,- v/mvg