SIMRAD | SU90 Fish finding sonar

The Simrad SU90 is the ultimate long range, low frequency fish finding sonar. We made no compromises during the design of this sonar. If high performance is your only criteria when choosing a sonar, this is your natural choice.
Key features:

• 360 degrees omnidirectional
• 90 degrees vertical tip
• Operational frequency adjustable from 20 to 30 kHz
• Narrow beams (opening angle 4,9 degrees at 30 kHz)
• Increased source level (3 dB higher than SX90)
• Hyperbolic FM transmissions (“Chirp”)
• Large dynamic range
• High definition
• Stabilized beams
• Dual beam operation
• Easy operation
• Store and recall sonar data
• Define and save your own user settings
• Clear and easily comprehensive sonar data
The narrow beams provided by the SU90 sonar give you several advantages. They will increase the sonar’s range and resolution, and offer a vertical view with additional details and a clearer picture. The narrow beams will also decrease the noise level.

This SU90 screen capture shows you a typical catch situation. The presentation provides you with a lot of information.

A. A Current range, transducer tilt and gain
B. Sonar presentation
C. Cursor’s position, bearing (relative to the vessel), range and depth
D. Purse seine and target information (depth and estimated school size), including information from catch monitoring depth sensors
E. Menu system
F. Vertical view
G. Navigation information and hull unit position