Control is everything – especially on the race track. The DRIFT O.Z. Racing Wheel gives you perfect control of any vehicle: with a rubberised racing-wheel rim for ultimate grip and strong suction cups for the best possible hold even when making extreme manoeuvres. It also features a professional gear stick and precise pedals so you can secure those critical tenths of a second. What’s more, you can freely adjust the button and pedal configuration, select the sensitivity level as well as set the vibration intensity. Control any vehicle – and dominate every track.

Technical details
· Gaming racing wheel for the PC
· Perfect steering precision for superior control when racing
· Powerful force-vibration effects deliver a highly realistic gaming experience
· Precise pedals for gas and brakes
· Fastest gear-shifting times thanks to professional gear stick and shift paddles
· Maximum precision digital D-pad plus 12 buttons
· Customisable button and pedal configs
· Analogue and digital mode switch
· Configurable sensitivity setting and vibration strength
· Huge 180° steering lock
· Suction cups for ultimate stability
· Rubberised racing-wheel rim for maximum grip
· Ultra-robust construction
· Switchable between XInput und DirectInput
· USB connector
· Cable lengths: 2m (USB), 1.6m (pedals)
·Dimensions: 270 × 330 × 275 (W × D × H)
· Weight: 1,450g

· Win XP (32-Bit)
· Win Vista (32/64-Bit)
· Windows 7 (32/64-Bit)
· Windows 8 (32/64-Bit)
· Windows 8.1 (32/64-Bit)
· Windows 10 (32/64-Bit)